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The Customer Is the King in Ecommerce

The most successful ecommerce businesses have found their way into their customer's heart. Find out the basics of winning over customers.

Dealing With the Extremely Painful Customer
The customer is indeed the king. But what is this "king" turns out to be a bigger pain than thought possible?

5 Simple Techniques to Provide Exceptional Customer Service
Exceptional customer service need not be a mere slogan. Nor does it need to be an ethereal concept that cannot actually be implemented.

Answers to Sticky Questions About Creating Customer Delight
Customer delight is the ultimate tool for ecommerce success. Find out answers to some of common questions that perplex ecommerce marketers.

Top Ecommerce Sites
One would expect a complex response to the question, "What is the difference between a top ecommerce website and an also-ran?" But the differences are pretty obvious and basic.

Consumer Behavior
Consumer behavior analysis is the holy grail of ecommerce. Do not ignore this discipline if you want to achieve ecommerce greatness.

Customer Engagement
Do not miss out on any opportunity to engage your customer. Ecommerce can be impersonal; hence the need for engagement is higher.

Customer Retention
It is really expensive to convert a sale. And when you do secure a new customer it is important that she keeps buying from you. That will ensure success.

Repeat Customers
Acquiring new customers is very expensive. Mining existing customers for repeat sales is the way to go for a successful ecommerce business.

Customer Data
Customer data security is an important aspect of any ecommerce business. Make sure that you are not found lacking.

Developing Trust in Ecommerce
If you expect customers to pay money on your ecommerce business, they need to trust that you are a genuine player. Gaining trust is not necessarily difficult for a serious player.

Don't Spam Your Ecommerce Customers
The least that you expect from a well-behaved ecommerce website is that it will not spam its customer. Here's what happens if it does spam.

Should Ecommerce Websites Force Customers to Register?
"Oh no! I don't want to register at yet another website," is what a customer would say if you forced them to register on your ecommerce website.

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