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Ecommerce Book Reviews

It is one thing to constantly talk about online shopping. It is another to become a full-fledged ecommerce professional or business owner. Read these books about ecommerce to get a leg up.
  1. Non-Ecommerce Books for Ecommerce Professionals (24)

How To Set Up & Market Your E-Commerce Site by Louise Gardner
There are several beginner's books on ecommerce, but none of them are as basic as "How To Set Up & Market Your E-Commerce Site" by Louise Gardner.

Ecommerce Economics by David VanHoose
The book "Ecommerce Economics" by David VanHoose performs a fairly rigorous economic analysis of ecommerce. Its insights are a must-read for ecommerce professionals.

Pro PayPal E-Commerce by Damon Williams
The book "Pro PayPal E-Commerce" by Damon Williams helps you integrate PayPal into your ecommerce website.

Designing Search by Greg Nudelman
A great search experience on an ecommerce website can cause a significant improvement in sales. Here is a book that will help you with designing your ecommerce search: "Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success" by Greg Nudelman.

Selling Online 2.0 by Michael Miller
The book, "Selling Online 2.0: Migrating From eBay to Amazon, Craigslist, and Your Own E-Commerce Website," will give you great insight into selling online using some of the most famous third-party marketplaces.

Impact of e-Commerce on Consumers and Small Firms
Do you wonder how ecommerce has affected the business landscape? Here is a set of research papers that will help you with that query: Impact of e-Commerce on Consumers and Small Firms by Salvatore Zappala and Colin Gray.

Passive Income for Life by Eric Michael
The book "Passive Income for Life: A Time-Tested Secret Recipe for Building a $50,000 Cash Machine on Amazon.com: In Your Spare Time" by Eric Michael presents an alternative business model. It involves purchasing used goods cheap and selling them on Amazon.com.

Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce by Robbert Ravensbergen
The book "Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce" by Robbert Ravensbergen is a good beginner's guide to using the WooCommerce plugin to create an ecommerce website using WordPress.

Big Ticket Ecommerce by Bob Regnerus
The book "Big Ticket Ecommerce: How to Sell High-Priced Products and Services Using the Internet" by Bob Regnerus is interesting because it promises to shares secrets of how to sell super expensive stuff online. This is my review of the book.

Drop Shipping and Ecommerce, What You Need and Where to Get It
Should you choose the drop shipping model for your ecommerce business? The book "Drop Shipping and Ecommerce, What You Need and Where to Get It" by Christine Clayfield will help you decide.

Web Programming and Internet Technologies: An E-Commerce Approach
The book "Web Programming and Internet Technologies: An E-Commerce Approach" by Porter Scobey and Pawan Lingras helps you develop an ecommerce website from scratch.

Electronic Commerce by Gary Schneider
"Electronic Commerce" by Gary Schneider is a textbook. Though it is not too easy to read, it does present a comprehensive read for someone who wants to get acquainted with ecommerce basics.

E-Commerce Logistics & Fulfillment: Delivering the Goods by Deborah L. Bayles
If you are an ecommerce professional, you know how critical logistics is. As a result, I decided to review the book "E-Commerce Logistics & Fulfillment: Delivering the Goods" by Deborah L. Bayles.

Mobile Commerce 2.0 by Majeed Ahmad
Ecommerce has liberated itself from the clutches of your desktop. Mobile ecommerce is the order of the day, and the trend is only getting strengthened. That is my inspiration in reviewing the book "Mobile Commerce 2.0: Where Payments, Location and Advertising Converge" by Majeed Ahmad.

Hands Off eCommerce With Fiverr... by Ron Rule
Read "Hands Off eCommerce With Fiverr: A Start to Finish Guide on Building an eCommerce Site Without Spending a Fortune" by Ron Rule, and learn how to outsource your grunt work.

Ecom Hell: How to Make Money in Ecommerce Without Getting Burned, by Shirley Tan
Shirley Tan presents a plainspeak book titled, "Ecom Hell: How to Make Money in Ecommerce Without Getting Burned."

E-Commerce Marketing by Brad Kleindl and James L. Burrow
If you want to read a decade old book on ecommerce marketing to understand how things have changed, read "E-Commerce Marketing" by Brad Kleindl and James L. Burrow.

E-Commerce Operations Management: Marc Schniederjans, Qing Cao, & Jason Triche
Want to read a great book on ecommerce operations? Try "E-Commerce Operations Management: 2nd Edition" by Marc J Schniederjans, Qing Cao, and Jason H Triche.

Ecommerce Best Practices by Thomas M McFadyen
If you want to read a book written by someone who has several large ecommerce implementations under his belt -- this is it.

E-Commerce for Dummies by Don Jones
The Dummies series of books has one one ecommerce too. This is its review.

E-commerce Get It Right! by Ian Daniel
E-commerce Get It Right! Essential Step-by-Step Guide for Selling & Marketing Products Online. Insider Secrets, Key Strategies & Practical Tips - Simplified for Start-Ups & Small Businesses by Ian Daniel is an interesting book that shares practitioner's secrets and experiences with ecommerce.

Top 10 Ecommerce Books
Read the best ecommerce books to become a top notch professional. As the complexities of any profession increase, only those who remain on top of the latest will move ahead in their careers.

The Complete E-Commerce Book by Janice Reynolds
You can read many books on ecommerce, or you can read, "The Complete E-Commerce Book: Design, Build & Maintain a Successful Web-Based Business" by Janice Reynolds -- a book that is more like a comprehensive guide.

Retail Rebellion: How To Start Your Own Online Retail Empire by Nathan Hartnett
Here is an ecommerce primer that talks about the basics, uses illustrative examples, but does not get into the details.

Book Review: E-Business and E-Commerce Management (4th Edition) by Dave Chaffey
Read a review of the book "E-Business and E-Commerce Management: Strategy, Implementation and Practice" (4th Edition) by Dave Chaffey. It is voluminous textbook that attempts to clarify all your doubts and leave you conceptually strong.

E-Commerce for Organizational Development and Competitive Advantage by Mehdi K
The book "E-Commerce for Organizational Development and Competitive Advantage" is a compilation of scholarly papers on ecommerce. If you are in the ecommerce business for the long run, do not miss out on this book.

E-Commerce 2012 by Kenneth Laudon and Carol Guercio Traver
After all the light reading, it is a good idea to go back to textbooks. "E-Commerce 2012" by Kenneth Laudon and Carol Guercio Traver is one such textbook which will help clarify your concepts about electronic commerce.

Effortless E-Commerce With PHP and MySQL by Larry Ullman
While on the one hand people are trying to avoid coding as much as possible, on the other there are people who prefer the flexibility that coding provides. This is a book review of Effortless E-Commerce With PHP and MySQL by Larry Ullman for those who are inclined to start from scratch.

Design and Launch an Ecommerce Business in a Week by Jason Rich
If you want to read a beginner's guide to setting up an ecommerce business, you should read, "Design and Launch an Ecommerce Business in a Week" by Jason Rich.

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