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Enterprise-Class Ecommerce Software


ATG Commerce Suite:

Art Technology Group, Inc., United States
ATG Commerce Suite: ATG provides the market-leading commerce software and services to power the growth of the world’s best brands, be they large enterprises or mid-sized companies. Our customers drive sales by choreographing a personalized customer experience that unifies and optimizes interactions across the web, contact center, mobile devices, social media, physical stores, and other key channels.


Demandware, Inc., United States
Demandware: Our leading on-demand ecommerce platform combines the functionality, flexibility and customization capabilities of an in-house application with the operational benefits of the on-demand model, allowing you to realize the full potential of the online channel.


Fry Inc., United States
Fry: A J2EE-compliant framework that can run on a number of application servers, OCP integrates with multiple systems and databases. Its robust feature set includes targeted merchandising and site management with workflow and scheduling that can be extended to meet your unique business needs. Built on Fry's 15 years of eCommerce success, the OCP framework incorporates best-practice design. A custom site design ensures the overall experience captures your brand and speaks to your customers.


Hybris Software, Germany
Hybris: Hybris provides a complete multichannel commerce software solution that integrates product content, commerce operations, and the extended channel to help retailers, manufacturers, and other businesses create a unified and seamless cross-channel experience for their customers -- from online, to instore, to mobile and beyond.

Intershop Enfinity Suite 6:

Intershop Communications, AG, Germany
Intershop Enfinity Suite 6: Intershop Enfinity Suite 6 is a leading software solution for high-end online commerce that supports multi-channel sales platforms for doing business worldwide.

Magento Enterprise Edition:

Magento, Inc., United States
Magento Enterprise Edition: Every business is different – every store should be unique. In addition to an extensive suite of features, Magento Enterprise provides businesses with unprecedented flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Fully supported by the Magento team of experts, Magento Enterprise is scalable and easily tailored to meet every merchant's unique technical and business requirements. To help ensure success of their online channel, Magento Enterprise customers can leverage best-in-class marketing and merchandising tools.

MS Commerce Server:

Microsoft, Inc., United States
MS Commerce Server: To realize their full potential, today’s businesses require an e-commerce platform with enhanced reach, performance, and flexibility. Commerce Server 2009 provides organizations with powerful and cutting-edge, out-of-the-box capabilities designed to build enjoyable online shopping experiences. Learn more about the features and capabilities of the newest version of Commerce Server, read the latest news and reviews, see how other organizations are benefiting, and explore the technical resources available to developers and technology professionals.

OXID eShop Enterprise Edition:

OXID eSales, Germany
OXID eShop Enterprise Edition: The OXID eShop Enterprise Edition is the scalable solution for professional mail order companies. Designed for large data volumes and with interfaces to powerful third party systems, this shop system fulfils complex requirements.

WebSphere Commerce Enterprise:

IBM, United States
WebSphere Commerce Enterprise: IBM® WebSphere® Commerce Enterprise, used by top enterprises, is widely regarded as an industry-leading e-commerce solution. It provides a next-generation solution designed to address a company's e-commerce needs and helps companies of all sizes enable their customers to do business on demand

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