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Understand the Technology Behind Ecommerce

Best practices for designing an ecommerce storefront, plus an overview of backend development considerations.

Improving the Speed of Your Ecommerce Website
Fast! That is what your ecommerce website needs to be. The customer is always in a hurry. Make sure that your website keeps the pace.

Ecommerce Technology
The humble shopping cart, the ubiquitous payment gateway, and the back office software. Are you surprised that these commonplace pieces of code can cause your ecommerce business to succeed, or fail?

Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology is one of the most common ecommerce security measures. Though not foolproof, its use is widespread owing to its rather effective security.

Ecommerce Security
If physical retail was all about "location location location," I think that ecommerce is all about "security security security." Get your basics of ecommerce security right.

Ecommerce Platforms
Make sure that you choose the right ecommerce platform. There are several options; here are five of the most popular.

Shared Hosting vs. VPS
If you are setting up an ecommerce website, familiarize yourself with the concept of a Virtual Private Server. It is the best trade-off between price and performance.

Ecommerce Security Issues
Ecommerce security is not one of those good-to-have features. It is not a luxury. Security defines your very existence in ecommerce.

WordPress for Ecommerce
Should you use WordPress as an ecommerce platform? Isn't WordPress a blogging platform? Then why is it getting increasingly popular for ecommerce?

The Gamble of Preparing Your Ecommerce Website for Future Technologies
Ecommerce technology is evolving rapidly. If you are not prepared for the technologies of the future, you may not survive.

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