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Gain an Insight Into the Trends and Issues in the Ecommerce Industry

A look at breaking news, emerging trends, and issues shaping the ecommerce industry.
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Make vs. Buy
What does your instinct tell you? Should you set up a new ecommerce business, i.e., a new brand, website, etc.? Or should you buy an existing ecommerce business?

What Is the Future of Daily Deals Websites?
The ecommerce mothership has spawned a large number of sub-industries. Daily deals is one of them. But the present form of daily deals websites may not continue to exist in the future.

Mobile commerce has arrived in a big way, and many online merchants are already mobile-ready for the next shopping season. Suffice it to say, the numbers are staggering. Meanwhile, here you sit on the sidelines with a site that can't keep up with the race. What can you do to make your site mobile-ready?

Quality of Earnings
My sales are shooting through the roof. But I make a loss on each sale. What am I? I am an ecommerce business.

Discounting Promotes Sales, But at What Cost?
Are you unable to come up with a marketing plan that does not include discounting? Here are some thought to get your marketing juices flowing.

International Ecommerce
Global expansion is a great growth strategy. But such expansion has to be well thought out.

Tablet Commerce
If you do not yet have a tablet computer, you soon will. The same is true for your customers true. Find out why this fact is so attractive to ecommerce business owners.

Would you invest in a couponing website? Do you see couponing as something that would continue to find favor with ecommerce marketers in the long term?

Ecommerce Business for Sale
I am convinced that the make-or-buy decision is soon going to tilt in the favor of "buy," when it comes to ecommerce businesses. The imminent shakeout will create fantastic buying opportunities.

Mobile Commerce
The future of commerce is ecommerce. And the future of ecommerce is mobile ecommerce.

Click and Mortar
Though ecommerce fortunes are made online, you need to leverage your offline presence too.

How Are You different From Amazon / EBay?
If you are planning on setting up an ecommerce business, you will often be asked to benchmark yourself against ecommerce giants. What are the implications of this?

Supplier Due Diligence
Supplier due diligence is critical. Supply chain problems can pull down the best of ecommerce businesses. Here is a checklist to help you evaluate your supplier.

Ecommerce Web Design Fee
A revenue-share as a compensation mechanism can be attractive to the ecommerce business as well as to the web design professional. LEarn more about this amazing option.

Social Ecommerce
The astute marketer always keeps her ears to the ground. If you are an astute ecommerce marketer, you know that the online world has turned social. Make sure that you learn the right lessons.

Ecommerce in 2013
In 2013, how much of what we have seen in the ecommerce space until 2012 will still continue to be the same. And what will change?

Ecommerce Profits
Insane growth in the absence of profits is no longer a feasible business model for ecommerce businesses. Find out what needs to be done.

Governments and Ecommerce
Governments regulating markets seems like a highly avoidable idea. But in the case of cross-border transaction, there seems to be no alternative.

Ecommerce Valuations
One of the drivers for the continuing entrepreneur interest in starting up an ecommerce website is the high valuation that they hope to command from investors. But are these valuations sensible?

Managing an Ecommerce Business
In the ecommerce business, you either grow or perish. And when you grow, you need to being in more formal structures to your management team.

The Japanese Ecommerce Market
Eventually, one must realize the full potential of one's ecommerce business by expanding overseas. And Japan is a market you cannot ignore.

The Ecommerce Professional
Success as an ecommerce professional is contingent on some traits. Find out what those traits are.

Global Ecommerce
As developed economies turn hyper-competitive ecommerce players are searching for new markets such as Russia and China.

Mobile Ecommerce
Almost everyone has a mobile phone on them. That is too powerful a fact for ecommerce professionals to ignore.

Business to Business Ecommerce
Higher profits and easier process management are just two of the several benefits that participants in business to business ecommerce reap. Learn about the key drivers to the growth of online B2B transactions.

Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday. It has turned out to be the day that breaks all previous records in ecommerce volumes.

Future of Ecommerce
What does the future hold in store for ecommerce businesses? Which ecommerce businesses will survive, and which ones will go the way of the dinosaur?

Supply Chain Strategy
To sell a product online, you first have to buy it. And that is not as easy as it sounds. Enter the world of supply chain management for ecommerce businesses.

Ecommerce and Intellectual Property
Do not ignore matters related to intellectual property. They can lead to your meteoric rise or downfall.

Personalized Products
Even the drabbest product can seem exciting if you personalize it. And that presents an interesting opportunity.

Shopping Experience
Let's make ecommerce personal. Let's make ecommerce shopping a personalized experience for each shopper.

Virtual Marketplace
When large ecommerce businesses start encountering a slowdown, they start thinking of creating a marketplace to allow third party sellers to hawk their wares. Does this strategy make sense?

Make Money Creating Your Own Products
The Internet makes it possible for people to make their creations available to the whole world. And there is an entire ecommerce business model in facilitating that.

Will Your Ecommerce Business Thrive in an Mcommerce Era?
Ecommerce moved the venue of transactions from physical stores to the desktop computer. Today, with the proliferation of mobile devices, commerce is turning location independent. Is your ecommerce business ready to go mobile?

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