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Shopify Apps

Top 10 Shopify Apps


With Shopify emerging as a popular hosted ecommerce store provider, it is time to look at some of the top apps in the Shopify app store. More than anything else, it is these apps that have led to Shopify's popularity Here are my top picks.

1. Incentify by Points.com

There is a significant section of shoppers that love reward points. But the first-time shopper may not find your reward points program exciting enough, as she may not know if she will return and amass many enough points to get a reward. That is where you could tie-up with other loyalty programs so that the points / miles are inter-transferable. On Shopify, this is enabled by the Incentify by Points.com app

2. Mediaburst SMS

Being able to trigger a text message containing order information is expected out of ecommerce websites. This is such a basic need that it should probably be integrated into the main Shopify software. Until that happens, you should certainly get this app. Note: Whether a customer actually receives the SMS will depend upon their network operator.

3. Optimizely

When the entire existence of your business is dependant upon customer behavior on your website, there no alternative but to test, test, test... You must have heard of testing methods such as A/B testing. Optimizely allows you to create experiments with great ease. Optimizing components should be an ongoing exercise, otherwise you are leaving money on the table.

4. Jilt

No one likes a jilted lover, or in the case of an ecommerce business a jilted shopper. Ecommerce merchants always worry about the shopper who places goods in her shopping cart, but does not complete the purchase. By triggering automated emails to those who abandon the shopping cart, and providing reports to the store owner, Jilt allows you to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

5. Sum(All)

Call me a geek, but I love poring over MIS reports that help make important strategic decisions. If you are like me, you probably need to get the Sum(All) app for your Shopify store. Given the way web servers work, a lot of data about customer navigation is automatically generated. Sum(All) helps you mine and analyze that data.

6. Gainify

In the post-Groupon era, group buying has certainly come of age. If you would like to enable group-buying on your Shopify store, you need to install the Gainify app.

7. ReferralCandy

Customers are more likely to buy when their friends recommend a product or service. To tap into, and accelerate, word-of-mouth promotion, you can use the ReferralCandy app that makes managing referral reward programs quite easy. It also integrates with Facebook to enable sharing.

8. Chimpified

If someone buys online, they certainly check their email too. Hence email marketing can be an effective promotional and communication tool for your ecommerce business. Chimpified integrates with the popular email newsletter freeware MailChimp to operationalize your email marketing campaigns.

9. Fetch

If you sell digital goods that have to be downloaded post purchase, then you must the Fetch app to your Shopify store. It provides simple options that help your customers immediately download the product upon purchase, with no intervention by you.

Disclaimers: The world of ecommerce changes rapidly, the world of apps more so. The information given on this page is updated as of the date of writing this article. If you intend to pursue a course of action based on the information provided on this page, I recommend that you visit the official Shopify App Store and get the latest information. Also note that only the primary function of the apps is mentioned here. Most apps provide additional functions too.

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