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Ecommerce: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Is Ecommerce Right for Your Business? 36 Pros...
If you read popular business literature, you are often left feeling that ecommerce is the solution to all business problems. It is time to see both sides of the coin.
11 Reasons Ecommerce Is Taking the Retail World...
When you read the following list of advantages of ecommerce for businesses and customers, you will get the sense that ecommerce is the holy grail of retail.
When Ecommerce Isn't So Great
For the effective development of any industry, it is important to recognize its shortcomings. Here is a look at the disadvantages of ecommerce.
What Is Ecommerce? Are You Sure You Know?
Do you know what is ecommerce? Popular examples of ecommerce revolve around buying and selling online. But all online business transactions are ecommerce.
Did You Know That There Are 4 Types of Ecommerce?
Ecommerce has matured into a full-blown industry. As a result, we can now see several variants of ecommerce.
Don't Be a Dummy -- Find Out How Ecommerce Works
There are several integral components of an ecommerce business. Find out how the different components work with each other.
Why Don't We Hear Much About Business to...
Though one does not hear about it a lot in the press, business to business ecommerce has truly revolutionized the world of business.
WordPress for Ecommerce
There are many licensed ecommerce software packages out there. But WordPress is an interesting choice as it did not start out as an ecommerce solution.
Supply Chain Strategy
Supply chain management is at the heart of any retail business. Ecommerce is no different.
Running Successful Ecommerce Businesses Isn't...
Successful ecommerce businesses don't come from the swish of a magic wand. Find out what makes an ecommerce business tick.
Is Business to Business Ecommerce the Same as...
Differentiating between ebusiness and ecommerce is helpful in understanding the new paradigm of business. Surprisingly, it is not easy.
Barriers to Entry in the Ecommerce Business
Most successful businesses enjoy some protection from barriers to entry. Ecommerce businesses are not one of them.
Business Intelligence for Ecommerce
Success in ecommerce is about using business intelligence intelligently. Here's how.
Read This If You Are Thinking of Starting an...
It is not easy to succeed at ecommerce, but starting an ecommerce business is a piece of cake. That is what causes all the confusion in aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs.
Virtual Marketplace
It is one thing to sell goods online. It is entirely another to create a marketplace where others can come and sell their wares.
Shopify Review
Shopify is one of the most popular hosted shopping cart provider. Read my review of their offering.
The Answer to the SEO vs. SEM Debate for...
Initially ecommerce success could come from PPC. So businesses could overlook SEO entirely. But the SEO vs. SEM debate is not so easily resolved.
Security Issues in Ecommerce
If you want people to part with their money online, you need to make sure that they feel secure. That is why security is always going to be a big concern, for the ecommerce industry.
Pay Per Click Strategy
Paying per click on your advertisements can be an effective method to gain web traffic. But you must make sure that you follow the right strategy.
How to Write an Invoice for Your Ecommerce Sales
The invoice for your ecommerce sales is not just yet another document. It is an official record of sale.
Here's How You Develop a Compelling Ecommerce...
There is often an element of spontaneity in the way you implement your ecommerce marketing plan. But that does not mean it should lack rigor.
Communication Strategy for Ecommerce
There are innumerable channels of communication between an ecommerce merchant and a customer. The suave ecommerce player must strive to adopt as many of these channels as possible, while ensuring that they are well supported.
7 Ways to Increase Your Shopping Cart...
Many ecommerce customers abandon their shopping midway. Ecommerce businesses must do their best to facilitate check out. Learn seven ways to increase the shopping cart conversion rate.
Here's How to Make a Privacy Policy
Here is how to make a privacy policy. In this era of amplified privacy concerns, this is an important component of every ecommerce website.
Should You Compete With Amazon or Rule a Niche?
Horizontal ecommerce outfits focus on breadth of product offerings, while vertical ones focus on depth. What works? What doesn't
Affiliate Marketing Program
How exactly does an affiliate program work on ecommerce websites? What are its components?
Ecommerce Marketing
Ecommerce can gain from conventional marketing. But it can also make use of a wide range of online activities.
The Right Intellectual Property in Ecommerce...
Intellectual property in ecommerce may be the most valuable asset that an online retailer owns. Here's how to think about it.
How to Choose a Domain Name
The domain name is one of the most crucial identifiers of your ecommerce website. Learn how you should choose your domain name.
Can You Answer the Question: What Is Reverse...
Though reverse logistics is not as popular as getting the goods into the customer's hands, it is as important. Do you know what is reverse logistics?
Can Your Customer Trust Your Ecommerce...
Ecommerce Fulfillment is about getting the goods into the hands of the customer. But that is not as easy as it sounds.
Shared Hosting vs. VPS
While shared hosting is priced attractively, it might not be the best choice for an ecommerce website.
Third Party Logistics
For successful ecommerce, effective fulfillment must be a given. Unless we can deliver the goods, the business cycle cannot be completed.
Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software
There are so many versions of what constitutes a shopping cart on an ecommerce website. It is almost like the story of the blind men and the elephant.
The Future of Ecommerce
Today the economy is still in pretty rough shape, but it's better than it was a year or two ago, and that's great news! A large part of the success of this most profitable holiday season is due to the impressive amount of money being spent online. Over the past ten years, the Ecommerce revolution has transformed the way we shop. Although the amount of time and money we spend online grows every year, the Ecommerce experience has changed very little since its inception.
What Is a Payment Gateway?
A payment gateway is an interface between the banks (or financial institutions) of the shopper and the merchant. It facilitates the transfer of money from the shopper's account to the merchant's account.
Ebook Ecommerce
Selling physical goods requires logistics, packaging, returns, repairs and many other headaches. Selling ebooks is operationally easier.
Social Networking and Ecommerce
Social networking platforms have taken on everyone's online existence. What can ecommerce businesses learn from social networking?
The Ecommerce Professional
Not every person can become a great ecommerce professional. There are some characteristics that differentiate a winner.
Ecommerce Traffic
You should always be tuned into the primary sources of traffic to your ecommerce website.
Monitor Your Ecommerce Bounce Rate as You...
The ecommerce bounce rate tells you what proportion of your customers bounce off your website as if they are repelled by something.
Acquiring Ecommerce Businesses Can Be Like 2 +...
I welcome you to explore the opportunity to set up an online marketplace for buying and selling ecommerce businesses.
Will Your Ecommerce Business Thrive in an...
Ecommerce moved the venue of transactions from physical stores to the desktop computer. Today, with the proliferation of mobile devices, commerce is turning location independent. Is your ecommerce business ready to go mobile?
Affiliate Marketing vs. Referral Marketing
Despite their common points it is crucial that an ecommerce professional distinguish between affiliate marketing and referral marketing.
Business Vision
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Two decades ago,
Here's How You Can Differentiate Your Ecommerce...
Ecommerce businesses are too similar to each other. But it is not impossible to differentiate your ecommerce business.
Top 10 Ecommerce Books
There is no better teacher than a great book. That is what encourages me to put together this list of the top 10 ecommerce books.
Your Clickstream Tells Ecommerce Websites What...
Figuring out the customer is never easy. But if you were to analyse their clickstream, you would get great clues on how to target them better.
Top 5 Issues That Will Make You Irresistible to...
Sometimes it becomes important for ecommerce businesses to raise money from investors. Here is the path.
Ecommerce Success Stories
Most ecommerce businesses fail. That is not the nature of the beast. Many of these failures are avoidable.
Ecommerce Big Data
Analyzing big data is not just a fad. It is the next big thing to make ecommerce more valuable and acceptable to customers.
Will Your Customers Hate You for Your Returns...
As an ecommerce website, you have learned to live with returns. But have you created a coherent and fair returns policy? If not, do so right away.
Your Landing Page Optimization Decides If You Win
It's a mistake that a lot of effort goes into designing the homepage of your ecommerce website, but not enough is done to make all pages appealing.
Ecommerce Technology
Using the right technology can be the tipping point for your ecommerce business. This is a beginner's article for getting your ecommerce technology right.
Two Factor Authentication Blocks Break-ins Into...
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Move Aside B2B / B2C Ecommerce -- Make Way for...
What is B2B2C ecommerce? When does it make sense? Who gains from B2B2C ecommerce?
Reverse Logistics
While ecommerce logistics focus on delivering goods to the customer, reverse ecommerce logistics deal with getting goods back to the ecommerce business.
A Product Description That Impresses and Converts
When the customer narrows down to a specific product page, the image and product description on that page influences the purchase decision.
Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing: It's Not...
Some regard affiliate marketing as the panacea for all ecommerce-marketing woes. They are wrong! Here are some disadvantages of affiliate marketing.
If You Sell Unique Products You Could Win at...
Unique products make you the only ecommerce website selling a specific set of goods that consumers desire. Isn't that significant competitive advantage?
Does Your Customer Acquisition Strategy Acquire...
Your customer acquisition strategy is at the heart of everything you do. But that does not mean you can ignore satisfying those customers.
Could you make a lot of money setting up a couponing website? Does couponing make sustainable economic sense?
Instructions for How To Merge Data Into a...
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Ecommerce Social Media
The advent of social media has changed expectations from marketers. Learn about surviving in the new paradigm.
Shopify Apps
This is a top 10 list of apps in the Shopify App Store. Put together these ten apps substantially increase Shopify's functionality.
Ecommerce Website
Not all ecommerce websites are created equal. Only the ones that focus on ease of use will survive.
Online Shopping Cart
The shopping cart is where the final ecommerce action takes place. Make sure that your shopping cart is not found lacking.
User Friendly Ecommerce Websites
User friendliness of an ecommerce website is not a matter that deserves mere lip service. Businesses can be made or broken on the basis of user friendliness.
What Is A/B Testing? And How Do You Use it for...
Ecommerce professionals need to understand the mechanics & advantages of A/B testing. The idea is to compare alternatives and let the better one win.
Top 9 Affiliate Marketing Tools
Invest in your affiliates. Give them tools that will help them sell on your behalf.
Why Ecommerce Sites Will Eventually Have to...
All businesses have to eventually turn profitable, or perish. Ecommerce is no different.
Ignore Ecommerce Security and Lose the Race
If you want online retail to grow, you need to pay special attention to ecommerce security. In the absence of a security, ecommerce has no future.
Why Every Ecommerce Site Needs Two Sitemaps
Every Ecommerce site should have two different sitemaps: One for humans, and another for robots, crawlers and spiders. Here's everything you need to know to get started.
An Ecommerce Business Is Easy to Startup, But...
Scaling up an ecommerce business is not child's play. Here are some golden guidelines you can follow to scale up your ecommerce business.
What's the Deal With Hyperlocal Ecommerce?
The past couple of years have seen the emergence of a new ecommerce beast, the hyperlocal ecommerce business.
An operating system developed by Google for smartphones.
The Right Ecommerce Business Plan
You could have one general ecommerce site, or many niche websites. This article helps you decide on an ecommerce business plan that makes more sense.
How Does One Reduce the Probability of...
What's unique about the ecommerce industry that causes almost all startups to fail? Here's what I think.
Niche Ecommerce Business Ideas
Everyone would like to sell everything to everybody. But we are a little too late in the day for that. Find the right niche and rule it.
Consumer Behavior
If you had an insight into consumer behavior, you would have the key to continued ecommerce success. Here is the first step to that journey.
How Can You Harvest Impulse Buying Behavior?
Impulse buying is a phenomenon that has been recognized by marketers decades ago. Find out how you can use it to maximize your ecommerce profits.
Top 11 Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing Strategy...
Affiliate marketing is a rigorous marketing discipline that requires a lot of time and money. Here is a checklist that highlights the most important factors that affect ecommerce affiliate marketing strategy.
Ecommerce Business Model
Discounting and overspending on acquiring new customers is driving many businesses into the dust. Let's stop this craziness.
Russian and Chinese Ecommerce in the Global...
One of the major promises of ecommerce was that it dissolves national boundaries. And that is exactly what is happening.
It Blows One's Mind to Think That Amazon Trumps...
Amazon is the online retail giant and Walmart is the offline retail giant. How do the two of these compare?
Will Jet Do to Amazon What Amazon Did to Walmart?
Jet.com is the upcoming ecommerce giant. It has a couple of hundred million investor-dollars to burn in its fight for marketshare.
Electronic Commerce by Gary Schneider
At the outset, let me point out that this is a textbook. So, it has all the pros and cons associated
Crush Your Ecommerce Competition -- Only the...
Ecommerce is hypercompetitive. So there is no room for laxity when it comes to attacking your competition in the marketplace, every opportunity you get.
The First Rule of Ecommerce
It is tough for some people to believe, but ecommerce businesses seem to be turning away a lot of customers. Find out some of the most common ecommerce failures.
Domain Name Extension
There are dozens of choices when it comes to domain name extensions. If you are an ecommerce business, how would you choose a domain name?
The Japanese Ecommerce Market
As if it is not tough enough to grow on your home territory, international expansion adds a whole new dimension to your challenges. Learn about entering the Japanese ecommerce market.
Is Your Registration Process As Painful as a...
At best registration on an ecommerce website is a necessary evil for a user. In that case, how do you get customers to register?
Does Your Ecommerce Website Need a Blog?
A blog can really help an ecommerce website. However, you must be willing to nurture the blog. Find out whether your ecommerce business is ready for a blog.
How to Select the Right Hosting for an...
An ecommerce business needs a robust website. For that, it needs the right hosting service. Get equipped to choose the right hosting for your ecommerce website.
How to Quickly Start an Online Business... by...
Right off, let me tell you that this isn't really a book that I am reviewing. It is more like supporting
Improving the Speed of Your Ecommerce Website
Making sure that your webpages load fast is the least that you can do to serve your customers. Here are 4 quick ideas to increase the speed.
Clean Design and Large Images Differentiate...
Often online storefronts look identical. That is a big loss of opportunity to distinguish your ecommerce website visually.
Ecommerce Business for Sale
Given the way things are going, it is only a matter of time that many ecommerce businesses will turn belly up. That might be a good time to go shopping for ecommerce businesses.
How to Lower the Bounce Rate on Your Ecommerce...
Lowering the bounce rate on your ecommerce website is not something that you undertake once. Rather, it is a continuous process.
Why Ecommerce Business Spam Is Bad for Everyone
If you are an ecommerce business, please be courteous enough to avoid spamming your customers with frequent product recommendations.
Managing Your Ecommerce Business Effectively
A strong conceptual background makes a professional resilient to challenges that the economy or the workplace may throw up. For ecommerce professionals, it is important that to stay abreast of latest trends, but also be well versed with underlying concepts. That is why you need to read this book: E-Business and E-Commerce Management: Strategy, Implementation and Practice (4th Edition) by Dave Chaffey.
While Ecommerce Hogs the Limelight Many Related...
While ecommerce businesses are always in the news owing to skyrocketing valuations and growth. But ancillary businesses are growing equally fast.
What Kind of People Should Ecommerce HR Be...
Some tasks get overlooked in a fast-growing ecommerce business. Here is a checklist.
Wholesaler Relationships
Getting the right wholesalers into your supply chain is pivotal to your success. Find out how you can develop the right wholesaler relationships.
Ecommerce Platforms
At the risk of seeming cookie-cutter, you should evaluate some of the most popular ecommerce platforms. Here are five of the most popular.
Ecommerce Failures
The wise have always stated that failure is a stepping-stone to success. Nowhere is this more apparent than in ecommerce.
Ecommerce Profits
Acquiring customers without being mindful of the cost of acquisition is easy. But sooner or later you will need to make profits.
Which Is Less Painful: Selling Online or a Root...
It is no longer sufficient for ecommerce marketplaces to have a large number of sellers. You have to retain these sellers.
Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a Million...
Setting up a million dollar ecommerce business is easy. Sustaining it is the challenge.
Social Ecommerce
Social media has altered consumer behavior. Make sure that you do not get left behind.
Ecommerce Pricing Is Tricky. But it Need Not Be
What is the basis of pricing your products one way or another? This is a question that has plagued ecommerce professionals since day one.
YouTube Could Be the Holy Grail of Ecommerce
YouTube can become an ecommerce merchant's dream come true. And the tools and opportunites out there are only increasing by the day.
PPC Optimization
Ecommerce businesses are spending too much money on pay per click (PPC). It is imperative that they spend a lot of time optimizing those PPC campaigns.
Hey Startup! Ecommerce Is Great, Are You?
Though I am a big believer in the future of ecommerce, I do not automatically assume that a specific ecommerce player will do well too.
Will the "Uber for X" Model work?
Uber is a taxi-service, but it is also a model for local businesses to follow. That's what uberization or uberification is all about.
Social Media Platforms
Depending upon your objectives, one social platform might work better than another. Find out about some of the most popular social websites, and figure out how they can be part of your ecommerce communication mix.
Running an Ecommerce Business Need Not Be...
Here are some basic ideas about structuring a professional ecommerce business. And as your business grows, these ideas become all the more important.
Lean Ecommerce
Lean on staffing, lean on capital assets, lean on fixed costs, lean on expenses. That is what lean ecommerce is made up of.
Future of Ecommerce
What does the future hold in store for ecommerce businesses? Which ecommerce businesses will survive, and which ones will go the way of the dinosaur?
Ecommerce SEO
Optimizing an ecommerce website for search follows the general principles of SEO. But the unique challenges of ecommerce SEO require unique solutions.
Governments and Ecommerce
It is best to keep governments away from intervening in the ecommerce marketplace
Are Ecommerce Websites Condemned to Be...
Personal service is an important part of the retail customer's purchase process. How do online retailers deal with that?
Open Source Ecommerce Software
The following list of open source Ecommerce software is provided for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement of any particular product. The product descriptions were provided by the software companies.
Maximizing Ecommerce Profits
Once you have done all you can do, you will have to come up with innovative means to improve profitability. But at the early stages, you need to make sure that you have the basics in place.
Features or Benefits?
On your ecommerce website who wins: features or benefits? This is not an easy question to answer and you may often not know what side to support.
For Ecommerce, Trade Show Marketing Can Pull...
While trade show marketing has been part of the marketer's arsenal for decades, it hasn't yet lost its significance, especially for B2B marketing.
The Holy Marriage of Click and Mortar Commerce
While online retail was supposed to kill offline retailers, it now seems like click and mortar can not just co-exist, but indeed help each other out.
Not All Customers Are the Same: Get Your...
Speak to customers in the way they prefer to be spoken to. And you can do that only when you learn the art and science of customer segmentation.
Showrooming and Webrooming Are Turning Retail...
Habits die hard, and showrooming is proof of that. While people want the benefits of ecommerce, they do not want to lose touch with physical retail either.
What Is Link Building?
Understanding link building is necessary for successfully marketing your ecommerce website. Otherwise you will end up paying per visitor that lands up on your ecommerce store.
How Do You Actually Reach Out to Customers to...
Collecting customer feedback is not a trivial task. Find out how you can go about it effectively.
Challenges Accelerators Face With Ecommerce...
Business accelerators play a crucial role in the early life of businesses. But how can they help ecommerce startups?
The Advantage of Ecommerce Startup Traction
If you want to evaluate an ecommerce startup, it is pretty easy. All you need to do is to see how far along it has managed to travel.
Credible Influencers Can Promote Your Affiliate...
Unlike other marketing methods, the way to promote affiliate programs is to have influencers talk positively about it. Tap into their power.
Content Marketing
Some think of it as a fad, but there are many compelling reasons to employ content marketing techniques for ecommerce.
Conversion Rate Optimization
There are some pretty basic factors that affect conversion on your ecommerce website. Here is a nifty little list.
Send a Text and Get Anything You Want
Assisted shopping and the trend of personal shoppers has been around for a long time. Now you can get this facility online too.
Inviting Angels and Venture Capitalists to Your...
When should you raise money for your ecommerce venture? How much? Find out answers to these questions.
What About Buyers Who Don't Specifically Want...
Window-shopping is common consumer behavior in offline retail. How could an online retailer harness it?
One Repeat Customer Is Worth Two in the Bush
Only when the same customer repeatedly buys from you do you have an ecommerce business that can thrive. Without a loyal customer base, you have no business.
This Book Tells You How to Make Money With an...
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The ABCs of A/B Testing
If you've ever had your eyes examined, then you already know something about A/B Testing. Which do you like better? This one... or that one? A or B?
An Ecommerce Career – Gift or Curse?
The ecommerce industry is growing. That growth is leading to several new job openings all the time. Is a career in ecommerce a good idea?
Direct Affiliates or Affiliate Networks
It makes sense to start out by signing up with an affiliate network. But be prepared to go solo when the time arises.
Ecommerce Demographics
Demographics is more than merely a word in the marketer's lexicon. Find out the many benefits of targeting the right demographic.
Running a Contest on Facebook
Depending upon your marketing strategy, a contest could work wonders. And if you can leverage the reach of Facebook, it only gets better. But there are several do's and don'ts that you need to keep in mind.
Ecommerce Software: Magento
The following list of Ecommerce software is provided for your convenience. All product descriptions were provided by the software company.
Keyword Density
Keyword density is an SEO concept that should have been buried years ago. But it continues to raise its ugly head.
Differentiating Ecommerce
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An Engaged Customer Is a Good Customer
Customer engagement has become a buzzword. That's unfortunate because an engaged customer is the one that converts well. Don't take this lightly.

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