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Affiliate Marketing

A large army of affiliates, interested in promoting your products, can add substantially to your bottom line. Here are some important issues to keep in mind to succeed at affiliate marketing.

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Four More Books to Warm the Cockles of Your Ecommerce Business

Monday March 31, 2014

It was not too long ago that I presented four book reviews to you. Here are four more. After this lot, I will take a break from bringing more book reviews to you and will focus on presenting you with opinion pieces on running an ecommerce business. So savor these book reviews for now.

The first one is: Pro PayPal E-Commerce. If you want to integrate PayPal payments into your website, then this book is a must read. It takes the information that the PayPal website provides and presents it to you in a palatable form -- with a large number of code snippets.

Then there is the book: Designing Search: UX Strategies for Ecommerce, that focuses on designing search for ecommerce websites. Following that is: Ecommerce Economics, which is a textbook that helps you understand the economic basis and outlook for the ecommerce industry.

Finally, there is the tiny, almost microscopic ebooklet: How To Set Up & Market Your E-Commerce Site, which I have reviewed primarily to show that at the small end of the ecommerce industry, setting up a business is not all that difficult.

Four More Ecommerce Books Reviewed

Sunday March 30, 2014

I am a slave to reader feedback. And from the messages I am receiving, you love my ecommerce book reviews. So here are four more book reviews, right off the press:

I have always maintained that experience is the best teacher. But wouldn't it be great if we could learn, at least a little bit, by reading books instead of having to learn everything the hard way?

"Give Me $1 and I Will Show You How to Earn $100,000"

Wednesday March 5, 2014

I really hope that you are not the kind the falls into the trap of headlines such as these. Keep in mind the adage that, "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

I am prompted to write this post based on a recent press release by the Federal Trade Commission. Apparently there were all these deceptive work-from-home coaching programs that would teach you how to set up ecommerce businesses, and make pots of money.

It is good that this scam was halted, but there will be more. We will always have people who gain from the naiveté of others who think that ecommerce is a get rich quick opportunity.

If you want to really learn the ropes, this ecommerce website is the right one. Additionally, you can learn from the large number of ecommerce books out there.

Keep Reading. Keep Learning. Keep Succeeding.

Thursday February 27, 2014

Did you read my review of those 4 ecommerce books that I recommended in my previous blog post? Here are 4 more to add to that list:

First there is one more book that sounds like it came out of the get-rich-quick factory. It is No Money Down Internet Business by John Lagoudakis. Though the author has a strong record as an affiliate marketer, the book does not do anything for me.

Then there is the highly engaging, How I Made My First Million. The title makes its contents pretty obvious. But the lessons for ecommerce professionals might not be equally obvious.

The third book I am presenting to you is Passive Income for Life by Eric Michael. If you haven't read this book, your first reaction to the title would probably be a groan. That is how I reacted too. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice how-to guide about an ecommerce business plan that involves sourcing ultra low priced used goods and selling them on the Amazon marketplace.

Finally, let me close this list with the law text book The Legal Environment Today by Roger LeRoy Miller and Frank B Cross. Though this is an MBA-level textbook, I find that it contains a lot of useful information that every business owner should know; ecommerce business owners being no exception.

So that is the reading list for this time.

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