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Ajeet Khurana

Ajeet Khurana

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Ajeet Khurana is an author, educator, mentor, angel investor, and speaker for ecommerce and online business. As a lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin, he taught ecommerce back in 1993, when the term "ecommerce" had not yet been coined. Read more about his profile on Google+: Ajeet Khurana.


A mentor to budding online entrepreneurs, Ajeet is also the author of a textbook titled Information Technology for Retailing. He is credited for creating a part of the language around ecommerce.

Ajeet has worked on several ecommerce consulting assignments. One of them was with a leading electronic component sourcing platform. It couldn't get its ten million page catalog indexed and ranked by search engines. Ajeet and his team successfully overcame the problem with superior ecommerce information architecture.

Ajeet has been mentioned in several media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal and Army Times, for his business writing. He loves writing about ecommerce startups and gurus on his personal blog StartUpGang.com. In addition, he is the cross-border ecommerce expert for Pitney Bowes (a Fortune 500 company).


After completing his undergraduate degree program in Computer Engineering, Ajeet pursued an MBA degree from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin -- a top 20 US business school. He specialized in Information Systems and Finance.

This combination of technical and business education fueled Ajeet's passion for online ventures.

By Ajeet Khurana:

Isn't ecommerce fascinating? I have been a follower of online business since the early '90s when I taught about online credit card processing, data transfer, ERP, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), and the like.

As the Ecommerce Guide to About.com, I look forward to bringing you the best insights into ecommerce. Whether you are a multinational retailer planning to venture into ecommerce, or an individual selling handcrafted goods on social platforms, I will help you accomplish your goals.

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