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Ecommerce Businesses Can Tap Into the Huge Potential of Social Platforms

It is no longer a question about whether you can stay away from social media. Ecommerce and social media share so many synergies that you need to jump on to the social bandwagon right away. But merely establishing profiles, and pages, on social websites is not enough. You need to manage your profiles right.
  1. Facebook Ecommerce (5)
  2. Social Media Strategy for Ecommerce (10)
  3. Using Twitter for Ecommerce (3)

Social Networking and Ecommerce
There must be a reason that people are spending all this time on social networking websites. So, incorporating some networking features into your ecommerce website could make it more sticky.

Pinterest and Ecommerce
The easiest path to take is to learn from people who have already succeeded at something. That is the philosophy this article follows in guiding you to use Pinterest for ecommerce.

Social Marketing Snafus
Are you truly "Like"able on Facebook? Do you give your customers adequate incentive to like you on Facebook and allow you viral growth within their personal networks?

Pinterest for Ecommerce
Pinterest started out as an image sharing website, and has developed into a great tool for ecommerce marketers.

Social Media Tips for Ecommerce
Are you an ecommerce professional, intimidated by social media, unable to figure out where to start? This article is for you.

Social Commerce
The whole world is going social. Your ecommerce should too. But there are some pitfalls

How Not to Use Pinterest for Ecommerce
I agree that Pinterest holds a lot of potential for ecommerce businesses. But at the same time, I must caution you against some common pitfalls.

StumbleUpon for Ecommerce
If you are an ecommerce business, and have not yet tried StumbleUpon, you might be missing out an exciting social sharing platform.

How to Use Google+ for Ecommerce
Do you use Google+ for your ecommerce business? If yes, you are doing the right thing, but you are in the minority.

Social Media Automation
Automating social media messages sounds like a killer app, the first time you hear about it. But there are many pitfalls you need to guard against.

Ecommerce Social Media
The advent of social media has changed expectations from marketers. Learn about surviving in the new paradigm. Are you an ecommerce professional? If yes, then you better start thinking 'social' if you have not already.

Making Twitter Work for Ecommerce
If you are an ecommerce business, and have not yet adopted Twitter, you are missing out on a remarkable communication platform. Climb on to the bandwagon at the earliest and reap the benefits.

Using Twitter for Ecommerce
Those pesky little 140-character messages on Twitter have the potential of making a world of a difference to ecommerce businesses. Find out why you must rapidly embrace Twitter.

How to Use LinkedIn for Ecommerce
If your vendors, suppliers, and competitors are all on LinkedIn, surely you should be able to use that to your advantage.

How to Use Quora for Ecommerce
Everyone and their aunt has heard about Facebook. But there are people, even people in ecommerce, who have never heard of Quora. Yet, it presents such an elegant platform.

How to Use YouTube for Ecommerce
If you can keep the price of video production under control, and churn out the occasional wildly viral video, then you can depend on YouTube for a significant part of your marketing.

Ecommerce Social Media Messages
Ecommerce businesses that simply broadcast sales messages on social platforms generate no interest. At the same time those who try to pretend to be something they are not, can repel customers.

Social Media Platforms
When you think about social media, you think about Facebook. Maybe you also think about Twitter. But there is more to social media than Facebook and Twitter. Find out the right social platform for your ecommerce business.

Pizza Ecommerce
Dominos Pizza was forced into evolving a serious social strategy due to that infamous video of 2009. But it learned really fast, and has come out shining.

How Not to Use Twitter for Ecommerce
While Twitter has established itself as an ally of the ecommerce business, you need to get up to speed on expected Twitter behavior.

Social Shopping
Do you know what social shopping is all about? Even social shopping businesses cannot seem to agree on what it is. Here are five guesses.

Running a Facebook Page for Your Ecommerce Business
Setting up a Facebook page is easy. But make sure that you are following these six golden rules for Facebook Pages of ecommerce websites.

Getting Your Ecommerce Social Marketing Right
Humans are gregarious. They are influenced by what others buy. That is the basis of social commerce.

Success in Social Media Requires Effort
Everyone is logged into their social accounts all the time. Isn't that reason enough for ecommerce businesses to take social media seriously?

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