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Google Authorship and Ecommerce

How to Use Google Authorship for Your Ecommerce Business


There is a big problem out there on the web. Scrapers are becoming more prominent than ever before, and they are actually managing to overshadow the original content creators that they are stealing from. Blog posts, product descriptions, articles... they are all fair game to the Internet scraper. This problem formerly had no recourse for the person who was ripped off.

But Google has a service that can help out here. It is called Google Authorship -- a way that all published content is linked to a user's Google+ account in order to verify them as the original source. All material published in this way is attributed to the user. If it is stolen, Google is able to trace it back to you, and shut down the scraper's results.

Google Authorship and Ecommerce
There is no denying the benefits for the average blogger using this service. But the big question is its application to the entrepreneur that is aware of the dangers lurking out there on the web. Can they also use Google Authorship to secure their own content? And can it be linked to their business instead of directly to themselves?

Simply put, Google Authorship is a completely necessary tool for any online business that is utilizing social media. Inevitably, you will be posting some kind of content to the web, such as blog posts and announcements.

It is possible to connect content with your business instead of yourself. Basically, you have to associate it with a Google+ account, which can be that of your ecommerce business. Or, if you choose, you can connect it to you as an author, and then connect your authorship with the business on your Google+ about me section. That will be up to your own personal preferences.

What Are the Benefits of Using Google Authorship?
One of the biggest positives of using Google Authorship for your business is that you will be adding a visually appealing element to your search presence. Content is linked to your account, and so both will come up in search results for people to follow. This includes your profile photo, which is a direct way of engaging the searcher's attention.

Another benefit is that it adds some professionalism to your content. It shows that you take content seriously, and that you are aware of how to operate on the web. For an ecommerce website, this is a very important element of establishing yourself as a trusted source for business.

How to Get Google Authorship
First, you need a Google+ account in either your name or your business's name. Make sure that you have plenty of information written up in your "about" sections, and that your profile accurately reflects your business. This is the social face of your company; you want it to say everything it needs to about who you are as a brand.

Next, once you have verified your account through the email you used to sign up, go to the main Google Authorship page. You will enter your email address and it will sign you up under the associated Google+ page. Keep in mind that only a single email address and profile can be linked to content at any given time.

Once you are signed up, get yourself a plugin for your blogging platform, which has been created to more easily add in the source code information and your contact details in each post.

Sadly, if some of your content has already been stolen and the Scraper has already managed to boost their unique visits higher than your own, it might be too late to get it back. Start fresh with Google Authorship on all content to help protect your business and what you post on its behalf. Not only will it save you a lot of stress, but also it can significantly improve your SEO by giving you a new way of linking content to other services.
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