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Marketing for Ecommerce Businesses

Learn techniques to market your ecommerce website. Learn how to make the most of coupons, gift certificates, loyalty programs, email campaigns, newsletters, and more.
  1. Advanced Ecommerce Marketing (15)
  2. Affiliate Marketing (10)
  3. Ecommerce Sales Copy (8)

Customer Loyalty Programs
Pop Quiz: What is the greatest asset that an ecommerce business possesses. There are many likely candidates for the right answer, but few could be as right as "customer loyalty."

Ecommerce Loyalty
What is the big deal with a loyal customer? Why should you pull all the stops in creating an army of loyal customers for your ecommerce website?

Ecommerce Big Data
We have all heard of big data. But do we know how we can use mining and analysis of big data for growing one's ecommerce business?

The First Rule of Ecommerce
Beware the failures of ecommerce. It is interesting that so many ecommerce businesses actually seem to be trying their best to repel customers. And that too in a hyper-competitive industry such as ecommerce!

Ecommerce Business Model
Go ahead and provide customers with discounts. But do not use that as your only marketing strategy. Likewise, get conservative on how much you are willing to spend to acquire a new customer.

Branding in an Ecommerce Era
Online branding has some characteristics similar to offline branding. But it is an entire discipline onto itself.

Running a Contest on Facebook
Contests are based on the premise that people like to compete and win. You can tap into this energy of your present and prospective customers by running a contest on Facebook. But make sure to do it right.

Online Shopping Cart
Most shopping carts are like most other shopping carts. This does not mean that you can choose blindly. Make sure that your shopping carts follow the basic principles of facilitating transactions.

Customer Rewards Program
What customer action would you like to encourage on your ecommerce website? What is the reward you are willing to provide someone who performs that action? Learn the basics of a customer rewards program.

Communication Strategy for Ecommerce
You need to have strong, effective, coherent, unambiguous communication with your customers. Period.

Reputation Management for Ecommerce Businesses
If you don't have a positive reputation, you have nothing. Make sure that you allocate adequate resources to manage your online reputation.

Ecommerce Demographics
If we understand our target customers, and tailor our communication to them, we can achieve great business success.

Niche Ecommerce
Select a niche and rule it. That seems like the best marketing advice I can give an ecommerce business today.

Ecommerce Branding
While branding is critical for long term ecommerce success, you need to adapt your plan to your stage in the ecommerce lifecycle.

Effective Email Marketing
Email marketing is the most evolved form of electronic direct marketing. This is a beginner's article on email marketing for ecommerce.

Affiliate Marketing Program
What works for ecommerce marketing and what does not? Among the most popular marketing tools at the disposal of ecommerce businesses is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing vs. Referral Marketing
Ecommerce businesses should work hard on making affiliates and customers refer new customers.

Customer Acquisition Strategy
Acquiring customers is not easy. But it is the first and most important step to ecommerce success.

PPC Optimization
It is bad enough that several ecommerce businesses rely heavily on pay per click advertising. But when they do not do their best to optimize those ad campaigns, it is a recipe for disaster.

Sales & Marketing
Learn techniques to increase online sales and leverage social media to market your site.

Niche Ecommerce Business Ideas
Given the stage that ecommerce is in its lifecycle, the secret to business success is identifying the right niche.

Content Marketing
Relevant information is a great customer engagement tool. That is the premise behind content marketing for ecommerce businesses.

Ecommerce Marketing
Find out what marketing strategies will work best for your ecommerce store. Would it be affiliates or PPC? SEO or referral?

Visual Marketing
People find it easier to buy something that can see. And something that looks appealing is more compelling. That is the case for visual marketing

Top 11 Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing Strategy Issues
Would it not be great if someone were to make a list of the most important factors affecting the affiliate marketing strategy for your ecommerce business? You are in luck -- this is that checklist.

Top 9 Affiliate Marketing Tools
Here are 9 ideas for tools that you can make for your affiliate marketers.

Ecommerce Marketing Plan
If you would like to scale up your ecommerce business, you should be able to scale up your marketing. And that requires creating an effective marketing plan.

Repeat Customers
Acquiring new customers is very expensive. Mining existing customers for repeat sales is the way to go for a successful ecommerce business.

Behavioral Targeting
Behavioral targeting is as old as the Internet. But recent advances make it one of the most potent marketing strategies.

The ultimate weapon in an ecommerce merchant's arsenal would be: intimate knowledge about the customer. Clickstream data analysis promises to be help the ecommerce professional develop that weapon.

Pay Per Click Strategy
Marketing strategies need to follow rigorous Math. This article is about computing your PPC breakeven and profitability.

Videos for Ecommerce
The way ecommerce websites use videos leaves a lot to be desired. Here is a basic article that shows you many paths to ecommerce success using videos.

Differentiating Ecommerce
One of the first steps to ecommerce success is differentiating your ecommerce business. Otherwise you are running ecommerce with brute force and that is not really a strategy.

How to Differentiate Your Ecommerce Business
How different is your ecommerce business from its competitors? Can you truly claim to be a differentiated business?

Selling Unique Products Online
Selling unique products can be a significant source of competitive advantage. But there are some deterrents to that model too.

Seasonal Marketing
The sales graph of any business has its ups and downs. Understanding these pivot points, and devising a strategy around them is important.

Ecommerce Video Marketing
Customers can feel really special if you publish customer testimonial videos.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Must Be Laser Focused
Email marketing communication is asynchronous with the purchase process. This fact can be used to your advantage.

Differentiate Your Ecommerce Website Visually
A great visual layout would attract customers, build confidence, and convert sales.

Differentiate Your Ecommerce Website With Attitude, Humor, and Irreverence
Funny copy on an ecommerce website and an attitude that matches yours could get you to loosen your pursestrings.

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